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Alessandra Ricciardelli

Alessandra Ricciardelli holds a Master of Science in Development Studies, specifically in Russian and East European Studies, at the University of Oxford in 2004. Phd in Economics and Management of Natural Resources at LUM University, she is lecturer in Economics and Management of Smart Cities. She is also adjunct professor in Organisation Studies and Public Management. She works in the School of Management of the same University as Scientific Coordinator of several post-graduate Master courses related to Public Administration issues (urban regeneration, social innovation, culture and heritage management, etc etc). Since 2018 she is EY Advisory’s consultant for local development. From 2019 she is Researcher at Scuola Nazionale dell’amministrazione – Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministries. She is also Visiting Scholar at MIT Media Lab.  Her research interests are: social rganisations, social networks, public governance, Smart Communities, social living labs, urban regerìneration.