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Vincenzo Corsi

Prof. Vincenzo Corsi was born in 1962. He has been an associate professor of Sociology at the University ‘G. d’Annunzio’ of Chieti-Pescara since 2006, after working as a researcher of Sociology in the same University. In 2018, he achieved the national accreditation to be a professor of the first category.
After his degree in Sociology, achieved at the University of Urbino with a final mark of 110 out of 110 with honours, he undertook teaching and research in different sociological sectors. The main themes of his studies are social theory and the methods for empirical research; the study about change; development analysis; systems of social protection, models and methods for planning and evaluating welfare systems.
His work discusses these themes within the context of the relationship between the theory and the methods of empirical research. A special focus is given to the application of sociological knowledge in different contexts of social intervention and change.