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Sara Fontanella

She is a Lecturer in Biomedical Modelling at the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London (ICL), UK. Her work spans three major areas:
1) Multivariate Statistical analysis for high-dimensional data in socio-economic and environmental sciences. She works on the development of statistical models to uncover the underlying interesting patterns within complex datasets;
2) Longitudinal/Functional data analysis in medicine and environmental science,
3) Machine learning and network analysis for modelling medical data.
She is very interested in the application of modern machine learning (ML) techniques and network analysis to medical data, to identify novel subtypes of disease and discover distinct pathophysiological mechanism. She is affiliated with the Centre for Paediatrics and Child Health (ICL), which drives forward world-class, multidisciplinary research in all aspects of newborn and child health.
She has served as an area chair to the WiML2017@NIPS and WiML2018@NIPS workshops.
She is an ad-hoc peer reviewer for both medical and statistical journals, such as PLOS ONE, Computational Statistics, ACM Conference on Health, Inference and Learning 2020, Applied Psychological Measurement, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.
She has been an invited speaker in several international conferences, and a member of the Royal Statistical Society.