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Salvatore Madonna

He graduated in business economics in 1995. He obtained his PhD diploma at the Scuola Sant’Anna (specialization school) in Pisa.
In the academic years 1998/99 and 1999/00, he taught professional technique at the faculty of Economics, University of Sassari.
In November 2000 he won the competition for academic researcher at the Faculty Economics, University of Pisa.
Since November 2002, he has been associate professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ferrara.
Since November 2006 he has been full professor.
He is person in charge for the guidance in the Master of Finance and Management Control at the department of Business Economics “E. Giannessi” in Pisa, as well as he is member of the teaching’ committee of the aforementioned Master.
He is also member of the Italian Academy of Business Economics (AIDEA), the Society of the Accounting History (SISR) and the Italian Society of Lecturers of Accountancy and Business Economics (SIDREA).
In the years, he has taught general and applied accountancy, professional technique, Economy of Tourism Companies and general and applied accountancy II (balance sheet), and he has held seminars and lessons at both public and private institutions. His research interests have been concentrated on the topics of: balance sheets, techniques for measuring company performance , evaluation of economic capital, management of the tourism sector, with particular focus on accommodation facilities