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Michele Bigoni

Michele Bigoni is a Reader in Accounting at Kent Business School, University of Kent. Previously, he was Lecturer in Accounting at Queen’s Management School, Queen’s University Belfast. His main areas of research are critical accounting and accounting history. Public sector accounting is another field of interest, where he carries out research on public value measurement and management. Michele has been recognised as one of the thought leaders in the field of accounting and religion. He has received numerous prizes for his teaching and research, including the Academy of Accounting Historians’ Margit F. and Hanns Martin Schoenfeld Award, the Head of School Prize for Research at Queen’s Management School and Kent Union’s Above and Beyond Award for teaching. Michele’s work has appeared in high-quality journals, including Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, British Accounting Review, Accounting History and Critical Perspectives on Accounting. The international standing of his research is also confirmed by the book he has edited for the highly regarded publishing house Routledge, which acknowledges the contributions of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese scholars in the field of accounting and power. Michele is also a member of the Editorial Board of Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal.