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Concezio Sciarra

Professor Sciarra at the “d’Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pescara was founding President of the Faculty of Social Sciences, President of the Degree course in Social Work, Coordinator of the PhD in Social Sciences, Professor of social science methodology.
Epistemology Expert and Sociologist, he was formed at the University of Florence, and has kept relations of study and research with the Sorbonne in Paris with Raymond Boudon, and the London School of Economics with Karl Popper, and in Italy with Bologna University with Professor Alberto Pasquinelli and Luiss in Rome with Professor Dario Antiseri.
He founded and directs the journal “Ratio Sociologica” of University of Chieti, and is part of the editorial boards of several other human sciences journals.
He is a member of important academies such as the Academy of Sciences.
He is the author of numerous scientific publications including monographs on Popper and Boudon’s methods, on developments in contemporary epistemology, on self-organizing socialization with empirical investigations in groups, on social mediation for which he has developed his own protocol affirmed in the application circuit.