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Chiara Trulli

Chiara Trulli is Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Spoltore since 2017, formerly Assessor, among others, to Budget, Heritage, Productive Activities, Community Policies, since 2012. Graduated in Economics (2000) and Sociology (2005), she received a PhD from the Faculty of Architecture in Pescara (2013). He is an Officer, Inspector of Labor, at the Provincial Directorate of Labour in Pescara. Since 2001 he has been Lecturer in Employment Law and Employment Safety Legislation in training courses, master’s courses, masters and university courses, on behalf of universities, trade associations, professional orders and training agencies. An expert in active labour policies, she was a Member of the Regional Permanent Equal Opportunity Commission and an effective member of the Supervisory Committee of the P.O.R. Abruzzo (2006-2012), Member of the Coordination Committee of the Centers for Employment of the Province of Chieti, as An Expert in Data Analysis and Research on the Labour Market (2003-2006), Head of BusinessRelations, at the Employment Centre of the Municipality of Chieti , project A.METR.I.S. – Community Equal Initiative (2005-2006), Expert in Labour Policy at the Abruzzo Region Instrumental Authority, Abruzzo Work (2001-2003). She is the author of several essays and articles on the issues of job security, among them,published by Dei Typography of the Civil Genius of Rome “Safety in The Public Administration” (2011) and “The management of safety on site”, Manual of organization and safety management for construction companies (2010), Project and safety construction sites published by Alinea Editrice (2006).